Working Mindfully With Pain,

Discomfort and Difficult Emotions

Whether we are practitioners of Mindfulness or not, life can often be overwhelming. By working mindfully with whatever the moment brings we can learn how to meet obstacles and difficulties with wisdom, courage and compassion, essentially defusing them.

Mindfulness Teacher Mike Kewley shows us how to create a radical new relationship to hardship through awareness, embodiment and acceptance.

This 2 hour workshop is aimed at those who wish to discover a non-reactive approach to their circumstances, and meditators who wish to develop their pratice further.

Date: Wednesday 10th October 2018

Venue: University College Isle of Man, Homefield Road, Douglas.

Price: £13.00

How to Book your Place: Contact the IOM College on 648204 and quote course reference code ED-586-AW.

Please note advance booking only.


How to be Happy: An Introduction to Mindfulness

The secret is out, wellbeing is not accidental. In fact, we can actively train our minds to be happy, calm and kind. In this special Saturday morning workshop Mindfulness Teacher Mike Kewley explains the fascinating science of happiness, grounding it in three simple and transformative techniques to cultivate and stabilise focus, flow and emotional resilience.

Date: Saturday 27th October 2018

Venue: The Hub, Onchan Community Centre, School Road, Onchan.

Time: 10am – 12.30pm

Price: £20.00

How to book: Please email or call 376856 to receive registration details.

Just This! An Introduction to Non-Duality with Mike Kewley

There is no greater mystery than this:
Being Reality ourselves, 
we seek to gain Reality.
– Ramana Maharshi.

How far away is the happiness, transformation and enlightenment we seek? For many of us these goals are viewed as future experiences which can be achieved through spiritual practices, methods and beliefs. Chasing enlightenment can be a snakes and ladders game of highs and lows, break-throughs and set backs which is both thrilling, confusing and exhausting.

But what if the reality we seek is here and now, shining in plain sight? What if our seeking for a future attainment misses the Oneness, Wholeness and Intimacy available in this moment?

In this special workshop Mindfulness Teacher Mike Kewley draws upon his own experience of seeking, suffering and finding, to explore the relationship between Mindfulness, Meditation and Non-duality.

Through a series of talks, meditations and discussions Mike invites us to drop and deconstruct all of our ideas, practices and goals, to discover our own ordinary enlightenment which is closer to us than our own breath.

Date: Saturday 24th November 2018

Venue: The Hub, Onchan Community Centre, School Road.

Price: £20.00

How to Book: Please email or call 376856 to receive registration details.

About Mike:

Mike Kewley is a Teacher of Mindfulness who has been exploring Zen, Advaita Vedanta and Non-duality since his late teens. His own search for Enlightenment led him far and wide from the Madrasas of Pakistan to the River Ganges and the temples of Burma. On his way he has sought out influential teachers such as Ramesh Balsekar, Tony Parsons, Mooji and Sri V. Ganesan, all of whom have impacted upon his own understanding.

Mike has appeared as a guest on Conscious TV, given A TEDx talk on Happiness and is a the founder of the Mindful Mann 2018 Wellbeing Festival. He shares his passion for Mindful living with humour and insight.