The secret is out, wellbeing is not accidental. In fact, we can actively train our minds to be happy, calm and kind. In this special Saturday morning workshop Mindfulness Teacher Mike Kewley explains the fascinating science of happiness, grounding it in three simple and transformative techniques to cultivate and stabilise focus, flow and emotional resilience.

Date: Saturday 24th August 2019

Time: 9.30 – 12.00

Venue: The Function Room, Onchan Community Centre, School Rd, Onchan.

Price: £20.00

How to book: Please email or call 376856 to receive registration details.


Working Mindfully with Pain,

Discomfort and Difficult Emotions

Life can often feel overwhelming, but by working Mindfully with whatever the moment brings we can discover how to meet obstacles and difficulties with wisdom, courage and compassion, essentially defusing them.

Drawing on his own experience, Mindfulness teacher Mike Kewley invites us to create a radical new relationship to hardship through the transformative qualities of awareness and acceptance.

Date: Wednesday 9th October 2019

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Venue: University College Isle of Man, Homefield Road, Douglas

Price: £13.00

How to reserve your place: Please call the University College directly on 648200 to reserve your place and quote course code Q3455.


The Power of Mindfulness

In this special two-hour workshop Mindfulness Teacher Mike Kewley will explore the fascinating neuroscience of attention and how we can actively develop positive states of mind and abandon habitual thought patterns and behaviour. Mike will lead participants through two powerful yet simple practices to cultivate focus, calm and freedom from entanglement.

Date: Saturday 9th November 2019

Time: 9.30am – 12.00pm

Venue: The Function Room, Onchan Community Centre, School Road, Onchan

Price: £20.00

How to book your place: Please call email or call 376856.


 The Deep Body:
A Journey into Embodied Mindfulness

How do you relate to your body?

For many of us our experience of the body is merged with our thoughts, stories and dramas about it, often leading to psychological resistance, physical tension and emotional repression. But there is another way to know ourselves, not as a collection of memories and thoughts, but directly and intimately, as a spacious flow of effortless aliveness.

Join Mindfulness Teacher Mike Kewley and discover the joy of embodied mindfulness at this special Sunday morning workshop. Mike will lead a series of somatic practices to silence the mind and plumb the profound depths of this ancient wise body, inviting us into deep states of rest, unity and realisation.

This workshop is for yogis and meditators interested in deepening their practice, as well as individuals who feel pulled towards a deeper understanding of mind, body and world.

Date: Sunday 15th September

Time: 9.30 – 12.00

Location: Shine Om Yoga Studio, Victoria Road, Douglas.

Price: £35 early bird / £45 full price

To Book: Follow the event ticket link or via Shine Om Website / Shine Om App.

See Hear Feel:

An Introduction to Unified Mindfulness

We shall not cease from exploration,
And the end of all our exploring,
Will be to arrive where we started,
And know the place for the first time.
–T.S. Eliot.

Join Mindfulness Teacher Mike Kewley for this special Sunday morning workshop exploring Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness System, an extremely simple yet deeply transformative practice which develops and enhances concentration power, sensory clarity and equanimity.

The UM system can be used by anyone at any level of practice interested in the following:

– Reducing physical or emotional suffering
– Elevating physical or emotional fulfilment
– Achieving deep self-knowledge
– Making positive changes in objective behaviour
– Developing a spirit of love and service towards others

Mike will introduce the basics of the UM approach, guiding participants through a series of valuable techniques to revitalise our Mindfulness practice and revolutionise the way we live.

For more information please see

Date: Sunday 13th October 2019

Time: 9.30 – 12.00

Venue: Shine Om Yoga Studio, Victoria Road, Douglas

Price: Early Bird £35 /  Full Price £45

To Book: Follow the event ticket link or via Shine Om Website / Shine Om App.