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I invite anyone who cares for their mental/ physical health to strongly consider Mike Kewley’s guided Mindful Meditation sessions.

Mindfulness is the most simple and natural way to overcome everyday mental obstacles, stresses, anxieties and worries and it can be used by anyone. Everyone who reads this right now has the ability to work with their mind, overcome thoughts, and enhance focus to greater levels.

All you need is an insight on how to do that; and Mike is the perfect teacher. So treat yourself, for your own health and take a look at his website, or even go to a session.

From my own personal experience after focusing on mindfulness for the last 6 weeks, I now believe that it is an invaluable practice. Its not only about following your breath, quieting the mind or relieving stress but realizing the beauty, peacefulness and flow of the present moment. Life does not have to be lived in fast forward; or being caught up in thoughts and distractions that this current world conditions you with. Learn how to use your senses, and emotions to experience the flow of life happening right now.

You own the relationship to your mind and you’re with it for life so make it the best it can be.

May you all be happy and well.

– James

The 6 week mindfulness course has been an amazing insight into the basics of mindfulness. Mike has guided me to explore and expand my abilities to live in the moment and make the most of the day to day experiences. It has helped me to reduce unnecessary anxieties and live for the moment. Thank you.

– Nikki

I reached out to Mike after struggling with a few things. I was a serial over-thinker, I worried about everything and panicked about most things. It was all getting too much and every day was becoming more and more of a battle. Little things like going to a shop or getting my haircut were becoming real challenges and I knew I needed to do something about it.

I felt an immediate sense of relief after seeing Mike for the first time, we practiced breath awareness and I can confidently say it has changed my life. After just 1 or 2 sessions and daily practices that Mike gave me, I noticed a real difference; in those moments of anxiety and panic I was learning how to take control through the breath awareness technique’s that Mike showed me.

I originally booked a 6 week course with Mike, but I started to see results after just 1 or 2 sessions; now mindfulness is a big part of my life and I always dedicate 10 to 20 minutes every day to practice. What Mike taught me is easy for anyone to follow and the benefits are huge; I would highly recommend Mike to everyone and anyone.

– Ian

Before I saw Mike I had a multitude of issues I wanted to work on. From chronic pain to anxiety and I thought yep let’s do it and see what I can learn to fix it. What I wasn’t really prepared for was that I had the answer the whole time!

I didn’t have to go half way around the world to find a guru with all the answers… I didn’t have to pay thousands in therapy sessions… All I had to do was sit. Sit and arm myself with some basic tools that could not only improve my life.. but give me my life back.

My main issue is that of chronic pain, I have multiple slipped discs in my lower back and had been looking for an alternative to medication. Though learning techniques such as “body scan” and the “body-sweep” I have been able to take back control of my symptoms and even alleviate them on my more intense days.

Doing these sessions with Mike has made me realise that life is as simple as you make it – our minds are responsible for so much unnecessary anguish and drama- who wouldn’t want to be able to tap into this and just calm it… calm it down. You can’t achieve this on a wholesome level with medication and drugs. The human brain is capable of so much more than we know… it’s good to trust it once in a while. Thank you so much Mike.

– Sarah

I’d like to thank you again for my mindfulness awakening. I feel like my mind is slowly being freed from the suffocating constrains of anxiety.

It was an every day fight with myself thinking I wasn’t good enough and how everything I did was worthless. I got to the point where I couldn’t even trust my own judgment anymore I had zero self confidence and felt completely alone. I felt like a frail broken twig blowing in the wind clinging onto the tree hoping not to snap.

Now I remember to stop and breathe, to find my anchor and let thoughts go as quickly as they come into my head.

I’ve learnt to embrace life again, I’m able to be present in the moment and just enjoy being in it. I can breathe freely and appreciate life and I’m slowly getting to be ok with myself again.

– Anonymous

Thank you so much for the past 6 weeks. I wasn’t expecting too much from the course. I was probably expecting divine intervention, to assist with the problem I felt I had. Divine intervention was not required. Your concise teaching methods, easy handouts, and links to the assisted exercises were invaluable. I have learned so much. I practised, I embraced, and now feel so much better. I now know what to trust and it isn’t always my thought patterns. I will continue this practice. Once again, Thank you.

– Karen

Due to an extremely busy work life and equally so personal one, I was finding it increasingly difficult to focus the mind. I felt this was starting to hamper my productivity and attention span, not to mention, elevated  levels of stress which was also affecting my sleep.

 I can’t recommend  the course enough, and would say that 3 sessions would be perfectly fine , but the additional  3 allowed for a wider understanding of the concepts used with mindfulness.”
– Alan 
 I joined the 6 week workshop at the last minute and I am very pleased my husband persuaded me too. The 6 week course was amazing. I can honestly say that the week 2 practice has changed my life and enabled me to try to combat the daily anxiety and worry I deal with. If you haven’t signed up, and you have been considering it, then please do.. it’s important to look after ourselves.

 – Wendy

I want to say a huge Thank You for having given me this fantastic opportunity to use my mind in a brand new, powerful way. I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and your gentle, calming presence has got a lot to do with it.

– Bruno

I started the 6 week course not really knowing what to expect. Very quickly with Mike’s calm and caring manner I was able to fully immerse myself into a new world of mindfulness. This has given me a whole new perspective on life and now feel better equipped to take anything on with calm and ease. I now feel healthier and happier. Thank you Mike.

 – Mark

Mindfulness has helped my mental health which is just as important if not more so than physical health. I used to have an unhealthy relationship with thoughts, feelings & emotions but by learning why we shouldn’t take them seriously and practicing present moment attention I now feel much more free from angst and welcome the same thoughts, feelings & emotions with a smile 😂 The course is great fun; I highly recommend and Mike’s alright too 😉

 – Tom

I was aware of many of the concepts Mike was talking about, but these ideas are nothing unless you put them into practice. Mike gives you some background and then goes on to explain each practice in simple, easy to understand terms so that you can just get on with it.

– Ben

Thank you for a really brilliant 6 week course.  It couldn’t have come at a more helpful time and it has completely changed my approach to dealing with stressful, challenging moments and in general helped me really appreciate the everyday by completely altering my perspective.  I can sense that with continued practice it has the potential to be truly liberating! 

– Beccy

The monthly drop in sessions have had such a positive impact on my way of thinking. Heartache, trauma, physical pain, or the struggles of day to day life often consume our energy, may be without even realising and it’s something we can all relate to. I found mindfulness provided all the right tools to deal with this, it helped create a better connection with myself, learn to stay in the present moment and find little drops of enlightenment along the way. The sessions are welcoming, friendly and also a really nice way to meet people. It is a safe environment that allows you to share experiences; should you wish to do so. I seriously recommend just trying at least one class, it’s an absolute game changer!

– Aalish

I just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching me mindfulness in such an interesting, relaxing and enjoyable way. I have always wanted to find a way to de-clutter my mind, to not constantly be living in my head and to be able to focus on and live with what is happening now rather than being flooded with thoughts of ‘what if….’ ,’ if only……’ etc. In the 6 weeks I have now developed a 10 minute routine every morning which sets me up for the day and is really changing how I feel and my outlook on life.

– Jacqui

I cannot thank you enough for the difference, encouragement & light the course has brought me, during what has been an extremely dark & difficult time.

 – Sharleen

I have always been interested in understanding more about ‘self’ and how to remain physically and emotionally healthy. Mindfulness is a fascinating subject and one I wanted to explore in more depth, having tried a few Mindfulness apps. Mike’s 6 week course came at just the right time, and I’ve truly loved every minute of it. We learnt so much, including different Mindfulness practices, how to take time to simply sit and just ‘be’, to learning how to quieten the noise in our mind. As became more aware of our body, that we are NOT our thoughts and how to focus more on what is real and ‘present’ and what isn’t, all of which have been life changing.  I now appreciate how insignificant yet suffocating our thoughts can be and how hugely significant we all are as human beings, if we only chose to spend more time in a state of awareness. If you want to snap out of an old state of mind and awaken your mind and your body, Mike is the perfect alarm clock!

– Voirrey

You made it easier for me, and I expect the rest if the group, to share our experiences throughout in an open and non-threatening environment.

– Susan

I had promised my team the gift of Happiness so they had high expectations from Mike Kewley’s aptly named 2 hour workshop “How to be Happy”. I’m delighted to say that Mike delivered a very engaging workshop that inspired and challenged my team to reframe their pursuit of happiness. Through insights from his own journey and life observations Mike was able to connect with everyone and illustrate how mindfulness can help all of us. The exercises that Mike guided us through gave us practical experience of how each of us can face and overcome the challenges that life throws at us, and left us with invaluable tools for a happier future.

Mike delivered massive value in just two hours and it has been wonderful to see the positive effect he has had on my team. If you value your team, their well being or their happiness then you should definitely seek Mike Kewley out and have him come and speak to your team. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

– Gary Peirce, Owner of Hopes & Dreams Children’s Nurseries.

Thanks again for the great classes. They’re really helping me on my journey, there’s just something about an actual teacher that the books can’t match.

– Correy.

I have really enjoyed the course and it had been very helpful especially in my work life, those 10 breaths have been life savers especially during a very stressful day.

– Sheila.

The introductory course has provided me with a different perspective on our thoughts and the view that they don’t have to overcome you and I have gained new tools to deal with any anxiety that may come with them. From someone who was having almost daily anxiety attacks, dreading the tightness of the inward breath during each episode, I finished the course comfortable with both inward and out breath and the realisation that I hadn’t really had that tension since I made the mindfulness practise a regular part of my life. Couldn’t recommend the course more to anyone with anxiety and looking forward to continuing my practise.

– Katie

Thank you for the course, I believe that is the start of new chapter. You have explained it in a clear and simple way, which enables to do the practices on a daily basis. Thank you again.

– Sian

Thank you so much for everything you have taught me over the 6 week course. I’m really enjoying the mindfulness meditation and the compassion practice. I feel much calmer, and I’m finding myself with time to think before I react. Also I’m much more aware especially the time I spend with my kids which is priceless.

I’m seeing and appreciating things that I would of normally missed, by being distracted by my thoughts. Mike is very personable and uses relatable and funny explanations, which makes the course enjoyable as well really interesting.

– Amy

It’s been about a year now since I did your course, and although I only came a couple of times, it acted as a foundation and a starting point to where I am today. Doing your course I knew what I needed to do, I knew, through the very brief periods of presence that I’d felt, that being mindful was essential for me. The most difficult thing, for me personally, was thinking that change would take time, ironically. But it doesn’t, you just do it. Now.

– Phil

After Mike’s 6 week Mindfulness course, I felt I had a reservoir of calm to call upon should someone press my buttons or a potentially stressful situation arise. I learned how to relax properly for the first time, and had the most creative and productive year so far!

A year and a half later, after enjoying the benefits of a daily Mindfulness practice, I decided to try Mike’s 8 week advanced Mindfulness course. The perspectives we explored were extremely useful in a practical sense when a family issue arose. On a personal level I find myself really in awe, more connected to this amazing universe, and tingling with aliveness! I totally recommend this course for anyone who is interested in being present in their own life!
– Laura

For me the six week introducing mindfulness course (which I can’t recommend highly enough) helped me from very debilitating and draining anxiety that resulted in even more draining insomnia. It got me very interested in mindfulness and when I heard that Mike was running a new tools for freedom course I didn’t hesitate to sign up. The course and the way Mike delivered it didn’t disappoint. He is able to deliver some very hard to explain concepts from multiple perspectives so the differing students are able to grasp the ideas being put forward.

Simply put I think that the introduction course shows you how to do mindfulness where the tools for freedom course shows you how to be mindfulness. It’s makes your practices feel fuller and richer and therefore your life fuller and richer. If you enjoyed the first course you will love the second one.

– Alan

Having sat the 6 Week Introduction to Mindfulness course in April, I felt like a new person. It really helped me to deal with some anxiety problems that I had been having in a way that nothing else I had tried had come close to doing.

The course makes something that, I think can be quite difficult to appreciate and to stick with on your own, very accessible and understandable. It taught me to be much more open and accepting of challenges, giving me a whole new perspective on the things that life throws at me.

I have also recently completed the Tools for Freedom course, which, combined with the practices learned in the introductory course, I can honestly say, has changed my life! Mike teaches some quite deep concepts in such a relatable and inspiring way, that I find myself truly excited about things that I have previously completely overlooked!

I cannot recommend either of these courses enough, and want to thank you Mike for opening my eyes to the incredible beauty that is all around us and that we are all a part of!

– Kylie

Mike’s course on Mindfulness was insightful, fun, and informative. Mike has a lovely way of explaining this topic in a very real and everyday manner which makes Mindfulness very accessible for anyone interested in calming the mind and expanding consciousness.

– Sian

Mindfulness has been like a door opening for me. Before the six weeks course, most of the time at work I was anxious to the point of feeling sick and the anxiety was causing very draining insomnia. Now after completing the course my anxiety levels are more under control and I’m sleeping a lot better as a result. I cannot recommend trying Mindfulness enough to anybody suffering with anxiety as its changed my life.


I would just like to say a big thank you, I had a wonderful time doing the course. I think you have a real gift as a teacher, as you made some really challenging and difficult topics easy to understand. I think it is only with practice and time that I will see and understand the true benefit of what I have learnt from you.

– Zelda

I attended Mike’s introductory course to mindfulness which started 8 weeks ago and found it a relief to realise there is another way of doing this living thing. Sometimes you know there have to be changes and Mike shows you how the constant noise in the background can be quietened and everything seems to soften, thoughts, tension, outlook. Thank you for making it simple, I am beginning to enjoy myself!

– Dawn

I joined Mike’s 6 week mindfulness class after seeing him at a taster talk. He was so inspiring I felt it would benefit me greatly. It has! I suffer from anxiety attacks and Mike has helped me so much. I am so much calmer and less focussed on myself and more on the world and other people.

The meditation which I now do daily has made an enormous difference to my outlook. I am so much more positive and have found I now accept challenges and daily problems with a calm understanding that helps me get through situations in a much more relaxed manner. Thank you Mike.

– Ginny

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the six week Mindfulness Course ran by Mike. He is a natural teacher and the course was inspiring, challenging and highly enjoyable. It was something I gained a lot from and the techniques learned are something I intend to continue with. Highly recommended.

– Adrian

Thank you for helping people like me connect with the now!

– Shruti

I am finding the course amazing; so beneficial! Since we started I’ve had a few situations that would normally make me into an anxious blob; however I’ve been able to use mindfulness to get me through. So thank you.

– Anna

Mike Kewley’s Mindfulness course is a gentle introduction to meditation, his down to earth and personable approach demystifies the subject and makes it available for everyone. He shares his wisdom, humour and himself, and guides people through a simple breathing technique, that if used regularly, is life changing.

I have now been practicing mindfulness for about three months, and my mood has just lifted. I don’t dwell on the past or have anxiety anymore, I seem to be stronger in myself, and less affected by negative people and situations. My relationship with my children particularly seems to have blossomed, as I am less wrapped up in myself. Things that used to make me angry, I often now just laugh at. I feel more balanced and relaxed generally. I recommend Mike’s Mindfulness course for everyone!

– Laura

I have just completed a 6 week introduction course for mindfulness meditation with Mike and would like to thank Mike for his friendly and informative approach to meditation. I found the course really inspiring and would recommend mindfulness meditation to anyone who wishes to bring calm into their busy life.

– Myra

I have just finished the 6 week course with Mike and found it very inspiring. Mike explained mindfulness in a very simple manner and i must say I was sorry to see it end. I would recommend this course to every one! Thanks Mike.

– Dominic

Mike’s 6 week Introduction to Mindfulness course completely changed my outlook on life and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with an open mind.

– Laura

I realised that my thought process has become a creature of habit. But allowing a combination of mindfulness & my energies into my life, it has shown me a peaceful, nurturing mind set. Doesn’t happen overnight, watch out for distractions, but most importantly absorb and work with who/what you can.

– Moira

I attended your workshop at Karma yesterday thank you, it was a brilliant afternoon. You taught us practical skills with humour and you were so down to earth.

– Katy

The meditation has been difficult at times, but I don’t think I would be where I am if I had not met with you and learnt the mindfulness practice.

– James

I just wanted to say I found the course fascinating and I didn’t want it to end. I found you a brilliant speaker and very helpful. And I know the techniques and ideas will help me in everyday of my life and have already helped me with everyday challenges and life events. All of the course was brilliant and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. Keep up your fantastic work Mike.

– Janet

Mindfulness has shown me how to see the world for what it is, the only real way to find happiness is when the mind is still. By doing this practice you start to see beauty in all things and in all people. In the drop-in we also do compassion training, since doing this I have been able to realise how hard it can be for all human beings sometimes and when someone is suffering I can be there for them, instead of being dragged down by them. This is so liberating not to be affected by others suffering.

– Alex

I took part in the 6 weeks mindfulness course and it has really helped me to get in tune with myself. At the start I really struggled to sit still and mediate for anything more than a minute without being distracted. However, six weeks down the line after practicing most days I am now able to sit for over 20 minutes and I feel that it has really helped me relax. I am now more calm and much less stressed. It has also helped me recognise that I need to be more responsible for myself and for my actions and words. I feel like it is the start of something really amazing for me. I would recommend it to anyone. Mike is a great teacher and he is really approachable so I know that I can always ask him if I am struggling with something in particular. I really can’t wait to take part in more workshops, courses and retreats in the future. It’s amazing how much I have grown spiritually in such a short space of time.

– Nicola

The message is simple, almost so simple that at first you don’t believe something so easy could have such a profound effect on your everyday life. I found the mindfulness course gave me the chance to relax and reflect. Mike is a great teacher, putting you immediately at ease and delivering the message with clarity and humour. I would recommend his classes and workshops to anyone who is stressed, anxious or simply looking for another way of being with life.
– Mark

This six week course has literally transformed my life and I would recommend it to everyone without exception. It can only do one thing and that is awaken your soul. Life is the here and now, it’s not yesterday or tomorrow it is now. We are all too stressed, too busy, too frantic and then one day we wake up and realise we are wasting precious time. Or maybe we don’t wake up. Mindfulness allows us to be free and to relax and smile. I shall continue on my Mindfulness journey as I feel this is only the beginning! You are an amazingly talented teacher, a lovely balance of humour and insight which is invaluable!

– Denise

I have really enjoyed the drop in sessions each week. It has been a great opportunity to learn more, practice mindfulness meditation, and take some time out from my busy mind!

– Louise

I have attended the Mindfulness drop-in sessions for a few months now and came hoping to learn how to better deal with daily worries and stresses that come from thinking about the past and the future. The sessions have helped a lot. They are friendly and very welcoming. After each drop-in session, I notice the benefits of meditation more and more and how mindfulness affects different aspects of my life in very positive ways.

– Sam

The day retreat affords you the time to absorb the taught practice, and fully experience what is meant by Mindfulness. The combination of wonderful stories, meditative practice by a professional and compassionate teacher, facilitates an experience that promotes personal growth. I will certainly attend more of My Free Mind’s courses, as I was fully supported in uncovering the beauty of everyday life, as it inherently is.

– Anthea

The private session was rewarding. Focusing on the breath entering and leaving your body and then exploring every inch of your body, observing all the sensations you encounter, thought subsides and relaxation occurs. The overall feeling is of benevolence and clarity. I can highly recommend the session.

– Nigel

I found the mini retreat a unique experience, a chance to spend the day with like minded people in a relaxing atmosphere and use the skills learned during the weekly sessions to really tune into the mind and body and go a bit deeper. At the end of the day I was left with the feeling that I had discovered something that most of the world is still oblivious to and that experience is priceless.

– Michelle

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will endeavour to keep practicing. I feel a lot calmer in myself and my focus on the now, rather than on what has gone on and what could happen, has certainly given me a new perspective on life and calmed my thoughts. I am actually sleeping better and deeper.

– Clare

My everyday life, like many others, is hectic. Juggling everything has meant paying a toll migraines and chronic pain in my shoulders. I didn’t go to My Free Mind for this reason, I went to give someone a lift and rather than wait for an hour and a half in the freezing cold to take them home, I joined the class. I was pleasantly surprised to find that after each session I came home feeling really relaxed and good. By the middle of the sessions I started to feel real benefits in my everyday life. By the end I was determined to build on what I had been taught. It was an illuminating and inspirational course and I would recommend it to anyone.

– Vicky