Private Sessions

Mindfulness bowl and bells

What can private Mindfulness sessions offer me?

“I want to say a huge Thank You for having given me this fantastic opportunity to use my mind in a brand new, powerful way. I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and your gentle, calming presence has got a lot to do with it.”

The essence of Mindfulness is the discovery that we can transform our thoughts, habits and reactions simply by applying awareness to them. Private Mindfulness sessions are ideal for those who are interested in discovering skilful and sustainable ways to deal with a range of personal issues.

Stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, difficult emotions and trauma can all be approached Mindfully using a wide range of techniques to radically alter and improve our relationship to them.

Unlike other methods of self-help, Mindfulness does not presume that we need to improve, change who we are or get fixed in order to be happy as this would be just another goal to chase.

Mindfulness does not tell us how to be or what to think but simply points us to our own present moment experience, free of the mental chatter which usually clouds it. The ability to shift our attention away from our thoughts, stories, concepts, commentaries, beliefs and opinions, has the effect of turning the volume down on thinking which leaves a spacious, calm and clear mind.

It comes as a huge relief to discover that simply by resting our awareness with our present moment experience without trying to fix it or struggle against it we come to see that there aren’t any problems in life other than our conditioned thoughts, ideas and beliefs about how we think the moment should be.

By learning to step out of our habitual thinking and our reactions we find a new centre of gravity in attention, awareness and compassion; simply allowing our thoughts and experiences to come and go, emerge and express, without fighting them and without struggle. We learn to stop fighting ourselves and the world. In ceasing to struggle with life, we come to rest in our present moment experience and this is always available and problem free.

This is the discovery of your own happiness which is always and without exception, here and now.

What happens during a session?

There are a range of practices we can explore together to help you become more familiar with your own direct experience, and these are dynamic and can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

3-Week Mindfulness Training Course

This course will guide you through the basics of Mindfulness practice and introduce you to the life changing skills of present moment attention, metacognitive awareness, body-awareness and interoception, compassion and interconnection.

Price: £180.00

6-Week Mindfulness Training Course

The 6-week Training course will introduce you to same life changing skills as the 3-week course, establishing them as foundations and then developing them further, using focus to discover the ever-changing and flowing nature of the body, which develops emotional resilience and then deepening our ability to rest in our present moment experience with mental clarity, trust and an open-hearted attitude to life.

Price: £360.00

Guidance & Support

Single ongoing sessions are available to those who are familiar with the basics and wish to develop their practice further.

Mindfulness is a practice which needs to be cultivated daily for genuine and long-lasting results. Part of my one-to-one sessions involve helping clients create, challenge and explore their own Mindfulness practice in the midst of their busy lives. In these session we work together to create an effective and sustainable daily Mindfulness practice to give you all the resources you need to navigate your own thoughts, relationships and experiences with clarity, insight and compassion.

Single sessions: £60.00


Appointments are available from Monday to Thursdays. Please contact me to arrange a convenient time.

Location: The Ellan Vannin Chiropractic Clinic, Westmoreland Road (opposite the Kensington Health Centre) Douglas. Home visits can be arranged by request.

Contact: email or call 07624 376856