The Hard Yards

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The Buddha died from food poisoning, Socrates drank hemlock, Christ was crucified, Al-hallaj was executed. Ramakrishna, Ramana, Gurdjieff and Nisargadatta all succumbed to cancer. We love the idea that we can somehow by-pass our ordinary lives by leaping into spiritual beliefs and practices designed to free us from our suffering. We are drawn to anything which promises the good news …

Let’s begin

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Everything we require is here and now: Our breath is here and now, Our body is here and now, Our suffering is here and now, Our awareness is here and now. How marvellous. So let’s begin here and now. Why wait for future perfection When freedom is ever present?

No Separation

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When we conceive of ourselves as separate from others, separate from the world, separate from the movement of life and pulse of the universe, then we view everything through this lens of division. First we divide ourselves up into the bits we like versus the bits we don’t like and then project this fight into the world. This battle within …

How Mindfulness Heals

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When relating to our own pain and discomfort, mindfulness can at first seem counterintuitive. We are so used to pushing our pain away, ignoring it, or blocking it out with various coping mechanisms which do not relieve the root causes. In Mindfulness practice we do something different, something radical and new. Rather than ignore our pain we bring an awareness …

Practicing Dullness

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Some years ago, when I still had something called ‘free time’ I would often stretch my daily meditation to an hour or more. This was always a rare opportunity to move deeper into my practice, exploring it further. I remember on one particular occasion when, having the apartment to myself, I sat down and enjoyed the luxury of a Mindfulness …

The Value of the Wandering Mind

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Remember that just because your mind wanders during your meditation practice it does not mean that you’re doing it wrong, or that you should stop. One of the basic skills of mindfulness is to cultivate an awareness of this wandering mind without reacting to it. Wisdom and happiness are not accidental but direct results of seeing the mind at work …

How To Be Hit By An Arrow

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It’s that time of the year when everyone seems to be sneezing, coughing and feeling under the weather. How we relate to being ill is a good example of the way we fight life when it suddenly stops doing what we want it to do. We struggle with being ill simply because it’s something we would never choose to experience, …

Dear Friend

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Some years ago when visiting Gandhi’s Ashram just outside of Ahmedabad in India, I found myself facing a framed copy of a letter he had sent to Adolf Hitler asking him to refrain from leading the world in another war. It began “Dear Friend.” Those words were more than just formality and seemed to convey the humanity and inclusive world-view …


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Our practice is simply to stop and rest here and now in the present moment, the only moment there is. Here we surrender and let go of trying to control ourselves and manipulate the universe. We throw away our grand plan whether it’s for wealth, happiness or Enlightenment. Here there is nothing to do, nowhere to get to, no special …

A is for Attention

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This week I discovered that according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average attention span of web users in 2015 is just 8.25 seconds. The average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds. This is something I find alarming considering that we are the most evolved and technologically advanced species on earth. How can this be? Perhaps one …