Guided Mindfulness Exercises.

5 Minute Mindfulness Practice

Take just 5 minutes to stop, drop and tune into your present moment experience. This micro-practice can change your day, but also has the potential to change your life.

10 Minute Breath Awareness Practice

Take 10 minutes to train your innate and life-changing qualities of present moment awareness, focus and calm.

20 Minute Breath Awareness Practice

Move deeper into your present moment experience whilst developing focus, metacognitive attention, stillness and presence.

20 Minute Body-Scan Practice

A guided practice to develop body-awareness,  access deep relaxation and work with physical or emotional discomfort.

15 Minute Loving Kindness Practice

Purposefully develop positive and uplifting states of mind with this compassion training practice, generating the qualities of empathy, understanding and interconnectedness.