What do I teach? Does the experience of freedom come from jumping through a series of hoops, or is it something available here and now? Let’s stop giving ourselves extra-homework and simply rest in our own effortless being.

I recently took part in a discussion with fellow Mindful Mann 2018 speakers, Richard Cox and Nathan Godolphin, on the subject of awakening to non-duality.

Does crisis and depression play a role awakening? Are practices barriers to Enlightenment or the means? What happens after awakening? How do we shift from desiring to “know” to resting in not-knowing.

The present moment is always (and paradoxically) a traceless moment, impermanent, ungraspable and yet, ever-fresh.

Are we broken? Do we need to be fixed? Here’s a short video about how to find healing, wholeness and freedom in the midst of apparent obstacles.

Mindfulness Teacher Mike Kewley discusses the theme of Surrender, flow, no-self, no-doer, problem solving, letting go and saying yes to each mundane moment.

When we drop into our real-time experience we feel calmer, clearer and more focussed. But what if the present moment isn’t just something to drop into, what if it is all there is? What happens if we start to see the ordinary moment as holy, and the holy as simple and ordinary?

Where do we go to look for happiness, freedom and enlightenment? In this short video Mike talks about seeking ourselves through experiences, and the practice of discounting experience as who and what we are.

A huge thank you to Juan McGuinness for taking the time to interview me for his brand new podcast, interviewing interesting people on the Isle of Man. Topics covered include: my early exposure to Buddhism and why I began practicing Mindfulness, India, Varanasi, Hindu Religion, Mindful Mann 2018, Technology and the future of culture – Enjoy!

You can listen to the full conversation here:

Here’s a new short video about noticing when we’re trapped in auto-pilot mode, and noticing aspects of our experience which are already free and freeing.

Here’s my talk in full from Mindful Mann 2018, “You are not what you think: the taste of Non-duality.” I hope you find it useful. Thank you to Richard Cox for filming the session.

I was recently interviewed by my good friend (and cousin) Richard Cox from Deep State Consciousness about my Mindful Men project. We also talk about meditation, masculinity, spirituality, non-duality, Zen, therapy and Eastern and Western approaches to wholeness.

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Conscious TV Interview

I was very honoured to be interviewed on Conscious TV recently about my life-long interest in Mindfulness, Spirituality and Enlightenment. I hope you enjoy it, there’s a guided 5 minute Mindfulness meditation at the end. There’s also a transcribed version of the interview for those who wish to read it, you can find it here.


I also appeared with Author Alan Budge for a more practical discussion about how to stay Mindful in daily life. I hope you enjoy this one too, I come on after 30 minutes.