Guided Videos

Noticing and Labelling Thoughts (Developing Metacognitive Attention)

A short practice to notice and label thoughts as they happen. The more we can boost our metacognitive attention, the more we can rest as the observer or witness of the mind, without having to habitually engage with the thought-stream.

10 Minute Breath Awareness Practice

Develop your ability to rest in your present moment experience, boosting the transformative qualities of focus, calm and stillness.

5 Minute Breath-Awareness Practice to develop Focus and Calm

  Guided Loving Kindness Meditation

Training ourselves to be compassionate, understanding and accepting of ourselves and others is vital to the development of mindfulness. Follow this guided loving kindness meditation and begin to cultivate the joy of an open hearted approach to life.

5 Minute Mindfulness Check-in practice

Take 5 minutes to stop, drop and focus-in to your present moment experience. What will you discover today?

3 Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Step away from intrusive thoughts, stress or anxiety and reconnect with the peace, calm and intimacy of your present moment experience with this short and effective exercise.