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Oct-Nov 2017

Douglas 6-Week Mindfulness Training Course

How can we train ourselves to be happier, healthier people?

This 6-week Introduction to Mindfulness Course is ideal for anyone interested in discovering new and skilful ways to manage thoughts, emotions and sensations, whilst developing self-awareness, attention, focus, calm and emotional resilience.

You will be supported throughout your journey by Mike who shares his passion for Mindful living with humour, understanding and insight.

Dates: From Wednesday 25th October – Wednesday 29th November 2017

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm

Location: The Hub, Onchan Community Centre, School Road, Onchan

Price: £150.00

How to book your place: Call Mike on 376856 or email

*Places are limited so early booking is advised.

– What are people saying about this course? –

This six week course has literally transformed my life and I would recommend it to everyone without exception.
– Denise

After Mike’s 6 week Mindfulness course, I felt I had a reservoir of calm to call upon should someone press my buttons or a potentially stressful situation arise. I learned how to relax properly for the first time, and had the most creative and productive year so far!
– Laura

The message is simple, almost so simple that at first you don’t believe something so easy could have such a profound effect on your everyday life.
– Mark