Be Yourself

Mike Kewley Blog Post


We are not the Sages
we read about in books.

We can never be Ramana,
Buddha or Christ.

The red blood of their lives
has faded to ink
on paper.

No, we cannot become

So we must be

Nothing else
will do.

And to be ourselves
we must be radical
and brave,

but ordinary too;

No show, no pretence,
no claims, no costume,
no name, no form.

For all of that is
a movement away
from our beautiful silent

We must fall in love
with who we are
without ideas about
who we are.

We must clear
the dusty books
from our shelves,

quit our clever beliefs,

and feast our senses
on the naked pulse
of each fresh moment.

We must stop listening
to the teachings of
future becoming

in order to discover
the freedom
of our present being,

and above all,
we must be ready to laugh
at this wondrous, impossible dream,

Just as a child,
new to this world

toddles through the
garden, with selfless